International Student Information

Thank you for your interest in applying to Bishop George Ahr High School as an international student.

The following must be submitted in its entirety BY APRIL 1st before the committee will meet to determine acceptance as an international student for the following school year.

Former School Information:

  • Name of School
  • Address of School
  • Name of Principal or Headmaster
  • School Fax Number


Academic Information:
  • A complete, official transcript of courses translated by an accredited transcript evaluator. A list of some of these evaluators can be found at
  • Course syllabi and descriptions for each class
  • Benchmark certificates (if applicable)
  • Acceptable TOEFL Jr. comprehensive test score

Personal Information:
  • Student's original birth certificate
  • Letter from parent or guardian requesting consideration of acceptance
  • Official guardianship papers if current guardian is not the parent
  • Immunization records are required and must be translated to English

Bishop Ahr requirements:
  • Personal interview with potential student
  • Entrance exam for incoming freshman must be taken
  • Placement test(s) to determine course level
  • Meeting with host parents upon acceptance

Please note that Bishop George Ahr High School is not responsible for finding a host family. Students are responsible for finding their own host families.

Please also note that we do not work with agencies.

Bishop George Ahr High School reserves the right to determine grade level when accepting students.