Sr. Donna Celebrates 35 Years as Principal of BGAHS
Posted on 11/15/2017
On Wednesday, November 15, Sister Donna Marie Trukowski celebrated her 35th Anniversary as the Principal of Bishop Ahr High School. The morning liturgy in the school chapel was offered for Sister Donna’s intentions and the prayer over the PA during homeroom included a prayer of gratitude for Sister Donna and all of the gifts that God has given to her and how she has shared those gifts with the Bishop George Ahr / St. Thomas Aquinas community. The prayer of gratitude invited everyone to be grateful every day for all the opportunities that God provides for us.

Members of the administration, office staff, guidance, and Christian Social Action Club representatives presented Sister Donna with flowers, balloons, gifts, and a delicious cake for all to enjoy. Stolat was sung and wished to her by the group!

Thank you, Sister Donna, from all of us at Bishop George Ahr High School
for always supporting, promoting, and being an example to all of us at BGAHS  
of what it means to be of service to others.

Congratulations Sister Donna Marie Trukowski for your dedication and leadership as principal for 35 years! We are proud to have you as “AHR” principal!