BGA Honored with Charles Inman Award for Community Commitment
Posted on 04/29/2017
The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, better known as TASK,  is a volunteer-based organization with a mission to feed the hungry, to encourage self-sufficiency, and to improve the quality of life for those in the Trenton area. They achieve this goal by not only serving food to those who need it, but also providing a tutoring program. This past year, about 3,000 volunteers contributed for the cause. They are also continuing to grow, and are working on an expansion of the building for adult education and tutoring services.
On the 29th of April, TASK hosted a brunch to recognize several groups and individuals that have devoted their service to the volunteer organization. Coordinators of the program led the ceremony and spoke to all those present. Executive Director Joyce Campbell remarked, “Volunteers do not get paid not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.” Senator Shirley Turner, a guest speaker, also advocated the importance of reaching out to the lowest citizens of society. Finally, Charlie Orth, Volunteer Services Coordinator, commended all those who served and presented the awards.
Among the recipients, the Bishop Ahr school community was the first youth-based group to receive the Community Service Award. Every year, students from Bishop Ahr commit their time and effort to serve the community. The volunteers never come in empty-handed, and always arrive with donations that were collected at school. They are also very flexible and work with the needs of the staff. Some are asked to serve behind the scenes and prepare meals, while others deliver trays to the hungry. Junior Jude Roche said, “TASK is one of the greatest places I’ve had the honor to work at. It helps so many people.”
At this year’s brunch, Joo Eun Lim, Jude Roche, Kerianne Howley, Katie Mazzarelli, Ethan Lim, and Simon Llaguno represented the student body at the annual celebration. Sister Donna Trukowski, Sister Cynthia Babyak, Mr. Harry Ziegler, Father Keith Cervine, and Deacon Rich Lutomski were also present to humbly accept the award.
Bishop Ahr will continue to serve TASK and the people of Trenton. The students strive to treat each member with dignity, work in partnership, and take advantage of this great opportunity to volunteer.

BGA Students at Award Reception