BGA Completes 214 Challenge from Woodbridge Mayor
Posted on 02/27/2017
Mayor McCormac challenged schools, businesses, the entire town of Woodbirdge to donate $214 and/or at least 214 pounds of food to the Woodbridge Food Pantry.

Here at BGA we did our collection of food from January 23rd - Feb 17th
This is how the “214 Challenge” was handled at BGA
1. Each BGA Religion Class was challenged to donate at least 20 lbs of food per class!
Each Religion class had their own thermometer so that they could keep track of how much was actually collected.

2. the Faculty/Staff as a group was also challenged to donate at least 30 lbs of food!
They too had a thermometer to track the amount the faculty/staff collected.

At the end of the challenge, the Bishop Ahr High School community donated 2,300 lbs of food to the Woodbridge Food Pantry. A check for the amount of $239 was also donated by members of the BGA community.

Taking the 2,300 lbs of food to the Woodbridge Food Pantry at St. James Church was a total community effort. As the food was brought in, Mrs. Wilton and her helpers brought the food stored in Rm. 215 and then brought it down to Rm. 103a. Many teachers and students helped carry the food to the BGA maintenance truck parked outside by Rm. 108. The maintenance staff then brought the food to the food pantry. Without everyone helping, this would have been an overwhelming process!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this “214 Challenge” a huge success! The best part is that so many families will have food because of our involvement with the Have – A – Heart Food Drive