Students and Faculty Bring Christmas Spirit to Retired Felician Sisters
Posted on 12/16/2016
Students and Faculty Bring Christmas Spirit to Retired Felician Sisters
Once again, that time of year is upon us. The time when people shop for others, place gifts under the tree, go to “Ugly Sweater” parties and are seemingly caroling wherever they go. Most importantly, however, it is a time when families get together and the spirit of Christmas takes its place in each of us. At Bishop Ahr, this is especially true, as we spend the entire Advent/Christmas season sharing that feeling with not just the BGA family, but the surrounding community as well.
On the evening of Friday, December 16th, twenty-two Bishop Ahr students along with Principal Sister Donna Marie, Campus Minister Sister Cynthia, associate principal, Harry Ziegler, Chaplain Father Keith Cervine, eight faculty/staff members, and alumni travelled to Our Lady of Lourdes Care Center in Lodi, NJ. Residing at the Care Center are the infirm Felician Sisters. These sisters are considered Ahr Adopted Sisters! Each month members of the BGA Christian Social Action write cards to the Sisters and it has become a tradition that we make a personal visit to them for Christmas. The group always brings a gift bag of Christmas cards for each Sister and presents each one with a poinsettia flower for their room. The cards are written by every BGA Religion class and many families. A dinner of pizza, chicken soup (Chef Martin always makes this favorite for the students who love it) and ice cream topped with whipped cream was enjoyed by all. The dinner was provided for all to enjoy by the BGA community.
Adding to the excitement of this year’s visit, was the presence of the sisters from the Central Convent who eat their meals at the Care Center. Having so many sisters present for the singing of carols and acting out the “12 Days of Christmas” added to the joy of the evening. Each table of students and teachers created and acted out their specific day of Christmas! Everyone had a smile on their face and sounds of laughter could be heard throughout the room.
The best part of this traditional visit is spending time visiting with the sisters. It was a special night for all of us – Sisters, students, and faculty. Although we brought gifts for the sisters, the gifts of the heart that the Sisters at Our Lady of Lourdes Care Center gave to each of us can never be measured with money. These “special gifts” of presence, sharing, praying, laughing, and singing will forever be a part of AHR Christmas memories and heart!
Our visit with the Sisters was the Best Christmas Gift that we could give and receive!