Junior Class Celebrates Its Unity and Diversity at Annual Ring Mass
Posted on 12/14/2016
On the evening of Tuesday, December 13, Bishop George Ahr High School held its Junior Ring Day ceremony, an annual tradition that dates back to 1969. The ceremony honored the unity and diversity of the 223-member class as well as its place in Bishop Ahr High School history.

The evening began with a mass, presided over by Father Keith Cervine and Deacon Rich Lutomski. The Gospel during the liturgy was John 17:20-26, which exhorts Christ’s followers to make him known to the world.
After mass, Mr. Reilly led the ring presentation ceremony. Class officers Sara Decker, Ryleigh Greenwald, and Bridgette Favale presented their class symbols: a friendship chain signifying the bonds they have formed; a varsity letter representing athletics; masks representing drama; a musical note; the BGA ring; an hourglass reminding us of the passage of time; photos of each Junior homeroom; and a blank page representing the future that is still to be written.

The presentation of the symbols was followed by the ring ceremony, during which Principal Sister Donna, Vice Principal Mr. Brian Brogno, and Associate Principal Mr. Harry Ziegler presented the rings to each student. Sister Donna concluded the evening by addressing the Junior class and its guests, remarking on how much the class had grown and reminding them of what still lies ahead. Staying true to tradition, she challenging each student to “turn” one another’s rings, a gesture that serves to strengthen the bonds between classmates, friends, and family members.

This event is yet another of the timeless memories that students of the class of 2018 will take with them when they graduate in little over a year.