Christmas Movies Cotillion 2016
Posted on 12/04/2016

Christmas Movies Cotillion 2016

The Christmas season started off with a night of dancing at this winter’s Christmas Cotillion on Saturday December 3rd. This year’s theme was “Christmas Movies!”. The semi-formal dance was held at Bishop Ahr, where the students in attendance dressed to impress. Campus Minister Sister Cynthia organized the social event along with Student Council Social Chairperson Sophia Schlesener. Three-hundred and sixty five students attended the dance. 
A lot of hard work and time was needed to execute such a successful school function. The night before the dance, a committee of students and teachers met to transform the school gym into an ideal location for the Cotillion. A movie archway, a singing Snow Man, lots of trees and presents decorated the lobby to greet the excited students. The Christmas Cotillion banner and the lobby trees proved to be an awesome place for picture taking! The gym was decorated with angels, Christmas presents, snowmen and Christmas trees. The Cotillion Committee was excited to see the pleased looks on the faces of the students and faculty. There was even a photo booth!
The DJ played Christmas songs and incorporated dancing favorites the students enjoy. After some dancing, the students worked up an appetite and helped themselves to a buffet of delicious entrees and desserts. A highlight of the evening was the Swing Dance done by Mr. Dan Mulvihill and the BGA Swing Club!
Announcing the Cotillion Court and the King and Queen of the dance was a highlight of the evening! The Freshmen Prince and Princess were Julian Napoli and Christina Raspa,
Sophomore Prince and Princess were Michael Trinidad and Melody Lenhardt, the Junior Prince and Princess were Michael Pacitti and Emma Herban, the Senior Princes and Princesses were Marcus Adeniyi, Justin Martinez, Jonathan Edward, Shria Karthick, Niara Rowe and Stephanie Corea. King and Queen were seniors Rafael Parsacala and Katherine Yochim! Each Senior Prince and Princess received a Santa Hat to wear! Wearing their Santa hats, the groups took a cheerful picture in front of the decorated showcase in the lobby and were interviewed on the red carpet! Each person interviewed on the red carpet by senior, Skyler Caruso, was asked what their favorite dance step was – and then they danced it!
At the conclusion of the dance, students were given the always delicious Roche cookies as favors. Before leaving, the students took their last few pictures of the night, and laughed happily as they went on home from a fun evening of dancing, singing, food, and holiday festivities.
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