Bishop Checchio Honors Six BGA "Disciples of Mercy"
Posted on 11/20/2016
Bishop James Checchio, at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, wanted to recognize those who have been a disciple of mercy - individuals who reflect God's mercy tirelessly and humbly, never seeking or expecting any special praise or recognition. "The Disciple of Mercy Award" was conceived as a way to celebrate these individuals.
The Bishop bestowed the "Disciple of Mercy" awards on Sunday, November 20, the Solemnity of Christ the King, and the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy during Evening Prayer at St. Francis Cathedral.

The criterion for the selection of those chosen as a “Disciple of Mercy” was very specific. Each recipient had to be an active member of the school community who is not employed by the school or Diocese; had to be engaged in a bold, creative, effective ministry rooted in the mercy of Jesus Christ and serving those in need who are poor and vulnerable; had to have shown a long-term commitment to their ministry; and had to inspire others to get involved in ministering to those who need God’s mercy.

The following members of the Bishop Ahr community were awarded the Disciple of Mercy Award on November 20th by Bishop Checchio:
Robert Merski – alumni parent, Advisory Board member, volunteer basketball coach, member of the BGA recruitment team, and much more. Bob is always available and ready to serve Bishop Ahr High School and so many others wherever he is needed, never looking for any reward except knowing that he has helped others. Bob Merski is a true “Disciple of Mercy” to all of us at Bishop Ahr High School.

The Bishop Ahr seniors who received the Disciple of Mercy Award were Kelsey Kacsmar, Tara Genovese, Fernando Sullivan, Michael DeSantis, and Allison Schreck, who have all dedicated innumerable hours to helping and inspiring others at school and in the larger community. They have all emerged as a role model for their peers, exemplifying the fearless and creative drive that is needed to truly serve the poor and vulnerable. By living out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, they are able to practice humility and service. Their intense dedication to assisting others is fueled by a powerful, faith-filled connection with God. They have set an example that not only motivates their peers to help others, but encourages them to empower themselves by forging a vibrant relationship with God.  Prayer filled, committed, enthusiastic, dynamic – these are the hallmark characteristics of their faith-filled ministries at Bishop Ahr School and in the larger community.  Kelsey, Tara, Fernando, Michael and Allison are truly worthy recipients of the Disciple of Mercy award.

Congratulations to all Bob, Kelsey, Tara, Michael, Fernando, and Allison! We are blessed to have such wonderful Agents of God's Mercy in the Bishop Ahr High School community!