Students Prepare 400 Lunches for the Hungry
Posted on 11/22/2016

“If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

-St. Theresa of Calcutta

Thursday, November 17th, the Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, found forty five Bishop Ahr students, Sister Cynthia, Deacon Rich, Mr. Harry Ziegler, Ms. Liz Savner, Mr. Matt Roche, Mrs. Donna Hrabar, Mrs. Denise Markert, Ms. Lilly Acab, Father Keith Cervine, and  Mrs. Dot Machovich putting together 400 bagged lunches for the CSAC “CHANGE” the World Project! Into each bag of lunch was put a sandwich, a napkin, two snack items, and a bottle of water and lots of love.

Earlier in the month, the freshmen students in Mr. Matt Roche’s religion classes decorated and wrote notes on each bag. The decorations and messages were awesome! The recipients of the bag were in for a real treat. On Friday, the lunches were delivered to TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Trenton, NJ) by the BGA students volunteering at TASK.

Before beginning the project, the group prayed, asking God’s blessings for those who would receive the lunch bags and also for those who would be making the sandwiches. On this feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, who is the patron of the high school, our prayer ended with a resounding “St. Thomas Aquinas pray for us!

Making sandwiches was a new experience for some of the students. There were lots of smiles and much laughter as the students attempted to complete this NEW experience! The table where the sandwiches were made had as much peanut butter and jelly on it as the sandwiches that were made!

All of the bread was donated by the Vincenzo Dama ’14 and his family. All of the peanut butter was donated by Mr. Richard Savner, brother of BGA teachers and sisters - Ms. Savner and Mrs. Savner-D’Addio. All of the snacks and water was also purchased with money from BGA dress-down days.

This was once again a total BGA community project – everyone helped – the maintenance staff, administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and alumni parents! Thank you to all who helped our “Change” the world project to provide lunches for the poor.

As we end the official Year of Mercy, the CSAC “Change” the world project was one small action that helped us here at Bishop Ahr High School follow Pope Francis’ call to go out of our way and help “change” the life of the poor.