Sailors Receive Christmas Cheer from BGA
Posted on 01/20/2017
On November 28th Sister Cyndi received a call from Chuck Dearborn '86 asking if she would be able to help him out.  Chuck works for a company that supplies food for our wonderful servicemen and women.  He said he had a group of Navy men and women who were far from home and needed to get some packages and encouraging messages.  He told Sister Cyndi that one of the sailors was the brother of Chuck Sidwa '86.  Without hesitation, Sister Cyndi said yes and "sweet donations" was set into gear.  

With some of the money raised on a dress down day and from other donations, the maintenance staff purchased candy, cup of soup, crackers, instant meals, and other easily made items that would be used to pack the boxes.  Other donations of puzzle books, adult coloring books, etc also were brought to Rm. 106A.  The athletic department provided t-shirts and many teachers had their classes write letters to the sailors.  It truly was a total BGA community effort to quickly pack 13 overflowing boxes for these sailors.  

On December 8th the boxes were taken to the post office and mailed out.  Sister Cyndi received word on Dec 24th that the boxes were received and delivered to these brave men and women.  How could they be so far away doing such great things without having some encouragement from the USA?  It was the best Christmas gift that she received - knowing that they had something special for Christmas.