A Parent's Perspective from Mrs. Patti Loftus
Posted on 10/05/2016
Mrs. Patti Loftus has sent her three children to BGA. Today we sit down with her to get a parent’s perspective about the atmosphere and the experience of Bishop George Ahr High School.

What made you decide to send your children to BGA?

My husband and I decided upon BGA because it was important that our children continue their educations in an environment that emphasized academics but also offered a range of service and athletic opportunities.

Were you ever unsure of your decision to send your children to BGA over your local public school?

There was never really a doubt that our children would attend a Catholic high school. My husband and I graduated from Catholic schools so we wanted to provide our children with a similar faith-based educational experience. When we explored options in the area, all three kids chose BGA.

You often volunteer in school and attend events. How would you describe the atmosphere?

I would describe the atmosphere as close-knit and family-like. The students are very respectful and always willing to participate in volunteer activities.

What about your children’s experience has stood out to you the most?

My three children have developed an appreciation for service and volunteering, which is something they want to continue in college. They also have come to understand that hard work and commitment are absolutely essential if you want to succeed in the classroom or the playing field.

Is there anything you didn’t know about BGA until your first child started her freshman year?

I knew quite a bit about BGA, but I have a new appreciation for the many and varied opportunities that students have to get involved in the BGA community.

What advice do you have for parents who are choosing a Catholic school?

In addition to researching the academic curriculum, I would suggest that parents of prospective students examine the mission of the school and evaluate the spectrum of activities available to foster a student’s overall growth and development.