A Parent's Perspective from Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe
Posted on 10/02/2016
Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe have sent their son and daughter to BGA. Now that their son has begun college and their daughter has begun her sophomore year at BGA, we ask them for their perspective about the BGA experience.

What made you decide to send your two children to BGA?

We felt BGA was a better option over our local public high school in terms of education quality, extracurricular programs, social-oriented programs and a strong emphasis on college preparation.

Were you ever unsure of your decision to send your children to BGA over your local public school?


Your daughter Angela is currently a sophomore at BGA. Has she followed a similar path as Connor or has she forged her own path?

Angie's path has been very similar to Connor's path so far. But we expect that will change.  She will be taking the Careers class later this year and we expect that will get her to start thinking about what she wants to study in college. While Connor's path led him to choose Chemical Engineering as a major, we think Angie will choose something else and forge her own path.

You’ve now experienced BGA as parents for six years. Do you have a favorite memory or event?

Watching Connor play baseball at BGA, watching Angie cheer last year at BGA, and Connor's induction into the National Honor Society. We are looking forward to Angie becoming involved with the BGA Drama program.

Do you feel that BGA has provided a range of options for both male and female students?

Yes, the range of options and programs available to all students is outstanding.

What advice do you have for parents who are choosing a Catholic school?

The decision is personal for everyone.  We can tell you that we absolutely feel that BGA was the right decision for our family