A Parent's Perspective from Mrs. Laurie Caruso
Posted on 01/11/2017
Mrs. Caruso is the mother of senior twins Skyler and Noah, who are both actively involved in student life, athletics, and service. We recently had a chance to get her take on the opportunities that BGA has provided for her children and her advice for parents looking at Catholic Schools.

What made you decide to send your children to BGA?

I chose to send my children to BGA because of the excellent reputation i had heard about from parents at our elementary school who had children attend. BGA has an excellent college prep program that we were looking for in a high school combined with instilling a catholic education and values. In addition, BGA recognizes the importance of community service and makes it a requirement for its students.

You often attend school events. How would you describe the atmosphere?

The school events at BGA are always well attended and full of school spirit. I'm impressed with the involvement of the parents as well as the students and faculty. The atmosphere is always very welcoming. From the school plays to the sporting events, there is always a great turnout for support.

What about your children’s experiences has stood out to you the most?

Over the years, I must say that for us, the swim team experience has been one that we have all enjoyed. The camaraderie of the team and their coaches has been amazing. In addition, the peer leadership program is excellent and offers students an amazing opportunity to learn how to be good leaders. The fact that BGA recognizes the importance of such a program is quite impressive and one that colleges value. It's a wonderful program that teaches students life skills.

Even though they are twins, Skyler and Noah have many different interests. Would you say that they’ve both been able to find their niche?

BGA offers students many opportunities to find their niche whether it be a club and/or a sport. Noah is on the swim team and golf team and also enjoys being Athletic Chair. Skyler enjoys just about all that BGA offers! She is also on the swim team and is active in student government, Ahr Star and CSAC. All of the BGA clubs offer students the opportunity to get involved, helping others, creating a fundraiser, or exchanging ideas. The clubs are a wonderful outlet for students to express their interests outside of academics.

Would you say that BGA has offered many opportunities for your children to become more well-rounded?

BGA has definitely offered my children opportunities to  become more well-rounded. Colleges are emphasizing the importance of extra-curricular activities and being a more well-rounded student. BGA recognizes this as well and it is quite apparent by the number of clubs, sports, and activities they offer. As Athletic Chair, Noah is announcing daily to the school team results and can be found in the stands leading the fan section. Skyler has helped to run the sophomore semi and the junior prom from inception, implementing her creative ideas. In addition, she successfully created the candy gram fundraiser for Ahr Star, which sold out two years in a row. BGA is very welcoming to its students to offer their ideas and become part of whichever team/club they choose.

What advice do you have for parents who are choosing a Catholic school?

My advice for parents choosing a catholic school would be to first find out from friends, family, and faculty at their elementary school, what they might know about local catholic schools.
Second, I would suggest that parents visit the catholic school with their child so as to see the school itself as well as the students who attend. BGA open house and freshmen for a day are excellent opportunities to find out more about a school as are attending a sporting event or school play.