A Parent's Perspective from Mr. and Mrs. Weiler
Posted on 03/08/2017
Mr. and Mrs. Weiler have sent both their sons Thomas and Andrew to BGA. Now that Thomas has graduated and Andrew is a senior, it is a good time to talk with them about their experiences with BGA and how it has affected their families.

What made you decide to send your two children to BGA?

The first BGA Open House we attended in 2010 when Thomas was in 7th grade left a great impression on us. Administration, staff, student reps and coaches we spoke with that day left us all feeling like this was the high school for Thomas.  The strong, sincere sense of family throughout the school and hearing that Academics was the priority, along with God and Family, were the main reasons we placed BGA first on our list of high school considerations.

Were you ever unsure of your decision to send your children to BGA over your local public school?

Absolutely not!  It was never a consideration at all.

Now that your son Thomas is in college, how would you say that BGA prepared him for those challenges?

Thomas had a very smooth transition into college last year.  Having watched him grow to become a successful student and responsible young man at BGA, we attribute this not only to the strong, solid education he received here but also to the dedication of the caring teachers and staff who take a personal interest in their BGA students.  The adults at BGA are always present to encourage, inspire, guide and support the students, while setting great examples of faith and family within the walls of BGA.  Thomas graduated from Ahr with the knowledge and confidence he needed to begin his college journey, where he is now a sophomore who is succeeding academically with honors and playing college basketball.....a goal of his since he was a child.  BGA also prepared Thomas how to manage his time well and to appreciate interacting with people in many different settings.  Having so many teachers who inspired him in high school, Thomas decided to major in Education in college and will be continuing his education in the future with a concentration in Special Education.

Your son Andrew is currently a senior at BGA. Has he followed a similar path as Tom or has he forged his own path?

Andrew has forged his own path, which can be tricky, being the youngest of 5 boys.  Andrew and Thomas followed a similar Academic path at BGA, resulting in college opportunities and scholarships they both hoped for in their senior years.  While Thomas concentrated on athletics all 4 years as extracurriculars, Andrew was feeling there was something more he wanted to do at BGA. Seeing the school plays every year since we've been at Ahr, Andrew became interested in joining the Drama dept last year.  Auditioning and getting a role in "The Tempest" last fall, as a junior, he discovered the excitement and satisfaction of helping to bring a stage production to life, while continuing to play basketball.  After much thought and consideration, Andrew decided last spring that he wanted to join the Drama dept. full time as a senior, to audition for all 3 school plays this year.  While Andrew's love for basketball remains and he misses being on the team in some ways, participating in the plays has brought out his creative side, which our family is very excited and proud to witness.  Most importantly, being a part of the Drama dept. has given Andrew the opportunity to meet and work with a whole other side of the BGA family who have encouraged and supported his decision to join their "team" and have done everything they can to help Andrew succeed!  This is one of the things that makes BGA a great high school!

You’ve now experienced BGA as parents for five years. Do you have a favorite memory or event?

We have so many wonderful memories from our time here but one of our favorite yearly events is the Hoops for Heart basketball game held each year in early spring.  We were attending this event before Thomas or Andrew even had the chance to participate because it raises donations for a great cause....the American Heart Association.....and it's just a fun night, watching teachers and alumni basketball players vs present BGA players. Thomas played as an alumni last year and Andrew looks forward to doing the same next year!  The fans and players have a great time, cheering for the adult and student players; there's music, food, raffles, and half court shots taken by many; and we feel Hoops for Heart is a perfect example of the BGAHS spirit of family and generosity.

What advice do you have for parents who are choosing a Catholic school?

It's important to find the right fit for your child and for your family as a whole.  We believe you'll feel it in your gut when you find the Catholic school that suits your child's needs and gives you peace of mind as a parent, when you think about what is most important for your child in terms of a quality education, safety, service opportunities, spirituality, guidance, discipline and extracurricular activities.  We sincerely believe that Bishop Ahr High School sets itself apart from the rest in all of these ways and more!  As a family, we plan to continue to support the activities and endeavors of BGA in the years to come, as our way of saying thank you for providing our sons with the best high school experience possible.