A Parent's Perspective from Mrs. Janis Lewandowski
Posted on 04/26/2017
Mrs. Lewandowski has sent her three children to BGA. Today we talk to her about their different experiences and how BGA prepared them for the rigors of college.

What made you decide to send your three children to BGA?

We wanted our children to receive a well rounded, rigorous and faith based education. We knew that Bishop Ahr would offer our children an excellent education. BGA allowed our children to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

Is there anything you didn’t know about BGA that surprised you once your children started attending?

We had a pretty good insight as to what Bishop Ahr offered. We had done our research. We also knew several families that had students already attending Bishop Ahr so they were able to provide us with information as well.

Now that your children are either in college or graduated from college, how would you say that BGA prepared them for those challenges?

Bishop Ahr did an excellent job of preparing our children for college. Not only did our children get an excellent academic education, but BGA also encouraged them to be independent, responsible and to be good community members. These qualities were paramount in leading to a smooth transition to the challenges of college. And with so many "sending" schools, our children learned to work with, and make friends with other students from many surrounding areas. This was also very helpful for adapting to college life.

What do you or your children miss the most about the BGA experience?

We miss the "community" of Bishop Ahr. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the many activities that brought the school community together. The Ahr Star dinner, Hoops for Hearts, the Toy Drive, class and school masses, just to name a few. 

How well did BGA provide opportunities for your sons’ different interests?

Bishop Ahr did a wonderful job providing opportunities for our children's interests. Bishop Ahr is very proactive in providing both curricular and extra curricular opportunities for the whole student population. BGA provides a multitude of different academic, athletic, theatrical, social, faith based, and community based opportunities. There is something for everyone.

What advice do you have for parents who are choosing a Catholic school?

Speaking to other families that have experienced Catholic school education will give any perspective parent valuable insight to various aspects of the school. I would also recommend that both the parents and children attend activities at the school, go to an athletic event, a theatrical performance and / or a fund raising event. Spending time at school events is a wonderful way to get a real feel for the school's environment and atmosphere.