Students Organize Sweet Fundraiser for Hurricane Victims
Posted on 09/30/2017
The BGA Student Council, Christian Social Action Club, and three of the BGA students who participated in Seed of Hope Conference—Carolyn Foley, Faith Dodge, and Victoria Lienhard—organized a fundraiser for the victims of the hurricanes and other natural disasters.

On Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27 during lunch periods, these caring students sold Hershey Chocolate bars to the BGA community. Some of them had an Owl sticker and golden star on the inside. Those lucky winners who bought a Hershey and found this Golden Ticket were entered into a drawing for various prizes.

The drawing for the lucky winners took place on Friday, September 29. There were 8 lucky winners who received either an gift card or a candy tower!

Although the asking price for the candy bar was $1 per candy bar, many people gave more than that to this very worthy cause.

The total amount collected was $2,500 and all of the money was sent to the Diocese of Metuchen Disaster Relief Donation Fund. Thank you to all participated in the BGA collection for those affected by the hurricanes and earthquake.

Students Selling Candy Bars