School Bookstore

The school bookstore is open to all students during all lunch periods (3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Parents may contact the bookstore by calling 732 549 1108 ext. 634 during the school day or by emailing Ms. Joanne Burns.

Bookstore Prices

School Uniform
Long Sleeve Knit Shirt (white or black)
Short Sleeve Knit Shirt (white or black)
Uniform Fleece (black zip-up) $45.00
Knee High Socks (white)

STA Gym Clothes
Gym T-Shirt $15.00
Red Mesh Gym Shorts
Sweatpants (black)
Sweatshirt Crew Neck (black) $25.00

School Supplies 
School Folder Free
School Handbook $10.00
Spiral Notebook $2.00

Black Hooded Sweatshirt STA $45.00
Parking Permit $10.00

*We have limited BGA apparel available at a discount to upperclassmen