Students Explore Engineering Careers at NJIT
Posted on 10/14/2017
On Friday October 13, several Juniors and Senior from the Science National Honor Society and their classmates in Honors and AP Math and Science courses participated in NJIT’s Engineering Career Day. Solar vehicle prototypes, 3D printing demonstrations in chocolate, and concrete canoes were among the many unique demonstrations presented by the graduate students and doctoral candidates.

A recurring theme was the blurred lines between fields of study that make innovation possible.  “It was interesting to see how different disciplines of engineering collaborated to create a product,” remarked Senior Jarred Davis. Seeing the technological innovation of these young engineering pioneers, many just a few years older than themselves, the students were more confident in about their upcoming plans.  “Now I know for sure I want to be a Civil Engineer!” said Senior Sebastian Mercado.

Some were also inspired by the outside the box thinking to solve problems. Senior Max Mrozeck-McCourt thought “the physical therapy engineering for hand and limb rehabilitation was the most interesting part.” Senior Amarilis Rodriguez agreed that the use of video games was especially creative.

While the students toured these exhibits, SNHS Moderator and Math Teacher, Ms. Thea Peluso (STA ’83) participated with other educators in a professional development workshop: The Future of Engineering Education and the Needs of Today’s Students. Dean Moshe Kam, Ph.D. PE,  discussed the ongoing challenge of producing technically proficient students who are also solid communicators. 

Ms. Peluso doesn’t think communication will be a hurdle for BGA students. “The project based learning initiative here at BGA is very reflexive of the instructional methods being implemented at NJIT. Our students are increasingly comfortable taking the lead, collaborating with peers, and presenting their findings to their teachers. I think are students are going INTO college with skills some hope to develop there. I think they will be a step ahead.”
Students with Solar Prototype