Students Feed the Hungry at TASK
Posted on 10/14/2017
On September 29, 2017, ten BGA seniors accompanied by Mr. Kevin McCarthy, Assistant Campus Minister, volunteered at TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen) for the first time this school year. The students served approximately 225 lunches at the soup kitchen.

Before leaving, at the pre-soup kitchen prayer and gathering, Sister Cynthia gave a beautiful message to the student and adult volunteers. Since it was the feast day of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Sister Cynthia challenged the volunteers to go to TASK to bring mercy, justice, and God’s love to the people just like the Archangels did.

Here are some of the comments from the seniors who volunteered:  

Briannie Hernandez said, “My favorite part of today was being able to provide those in need with a good meal and make them happy.”

Kayleen Amaro expressed, “I’m happy we were able to donate so many items and know that those items are actually going to help someone out. We were able to bring some happiness to these people with our bright smiles and happy energy. I would love to this again!!!”

Samuel Mejia-Rodriguez said, “I enjoyed serving these people who are less fortunate. It made me happy to know I was helping someone in need of food, clothes, etc… I’m glad we were all able to help and be part of this wonderful experience.”

Mia Rodriguez shared, “Seeing people become happy over one meal shows me how grateful people are. I also enjoyed that I went with the people I did.”

Marisa Rader reflected, “I enjoyed serving these people because it really brought me down to earth. I realized how much I take for granted. I am blessed for what I have which these less fortunate people help me to realize.”

Adriana Ramirez shared, "My favorite part of the day was bringing food over to a family of four and the little kid got happy over the food. Seeing the smile on his face made me realize how grateful I should be with what I have today.”

Kelly Jimenez said, "There was a middle-aged man who was super excited that he got his GED and I was so happy for him that I started tearing up. It showed me that I shouldn’t take my life for granted, to appreciate the little things, and to be happy about what I have.”

Katherine Zevallos said, “I had an amazing time today. I helped out by serving food and packing snacks into bags. I really enjoyed being able to help others and see them happy.”

Micaela Urena shared, "I enjoyed serving the people, interacting with them, and seeing their smiles fill my heart with joy. I’m happy that I got another opportunity to help serve food, put cookies in bags, and give to people who need help in their life: I’m truly grateful.”

Finally, Mariel Gomez reflected, "It’s not every day that you get to do something useful and put a smile on every face you see. I put myself in each person’s shoes and saw that, to the people we served, we’re more than just strangers; we’re their saviors. I felt a huge connection every time I saw a person praying before eating their food. It shows that we always can make time for God. Even those in need make it a priority to thank the Lord for all He does.”

It was a great start to another wonderful school year volunteering at TASK!