Scholarship Information

Below is a downloadable version of the BGA Scholarship Newsletter. This newsletter is presented in a spreadsheet format to make it easy for you to sort as you wish. Please note that it is currently sorted by Type of Program, then by Due Date / Event Date. This spreadsheet includes college information such as scholarship opportunities, open houses, information sessions, etc., for students of all levels, as indicated.

It is your responsibility to check this site regularly as new information is added on a regular basis. A copy of the newsletter can also be viewed in the Counseling Office as well as in your homeroom.

Remember that scholarship applications are due in the Counseling Office a minimum of TWO SCHOOL WEEKS prior to the deadline if information from the Counseling Office needs to be included (letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.) or if you want the scholarship materials to be mailed out by the Counseling Office. Deadlines are real, and a lack of proper planning will result in a missed opportunity.

Please know that this newsletter in no way includes every scholarship opportunity available. There are many opportunities out there. Be creative in your search!  For example, check with your employers or any organizations or clubs that you belong to for any available scholarships. Each college/university also has their own scholarships with their own criteria, so be sure to check the websites of the schools you are applying to. Students may also come to the Counseling Office to look through the Scholarship Handbook. In addition, the following websites may be useful in your scholarship search:

Please remember to be cautious of scams. You should never be asked to pay to apply for a scholarship. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your counselor.

Finally, please make sure to hold on to all of the scholarship offers that you received, even if you do not accept them. The Counseling Office will be asking you for this information later on in the school year.